Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Naruto Manga 562 : Find YourSelf

 Ok, I got disappointed with the latest chapter but anyway I got surprised more. Onoki Vs Madara did not happen, sorry for those who assumed it will be a big fight. 

Onoki Past

Anyway I've learned one good past from Onoki which he was allied with Madara just to save his country and his own sake. The young Onoki was selfish, though he didn't say that much about what he had with Madara. 

The young Onoki, the only thing did not change is the blackheads in his nose

  Onoki telling Madara about how he had changed his view after taking the alliance with the 5 great countries. Its not about taking for the sake of oneself but for all the people for Peace. He said, "for himself and for others future, he will defeat Madara's big ass once and for all".

Find Yourself

  The title 'Find Yourself' tells about, on where do you really stands.. is it do you fight for your own good sake or for other people. This realization has perceived by Onoki as he's old enough to witness a lot of things in life. 

Teleportation Ready

   Meanwhile the 3 Kages (Hokage, Raikage, and Mizukage) are trying to prepare for teleportation to transfer to the Battle field since Onoki has no match against Madara's  insane power. Both Tsunade and Raikage used the Teleportation Transfer Technique while Mizukage used the Flying Thunder God. The Flying Thunder God was practiced by Minato using only himself to perform while this time its take  3 people to complete it.

Mizukage is like a princess in the middle playing with 3 guys.
There's a similar kids play like this

The Teleport transfer Technique, the best teleportation ever invented in Ninja world.
Though nothings beat the Zetsu and Madara teleportation infiltration technique. 

The Ultimate Team of Kages

 The Kage's All Star are complete and ready to battle against The Real Madara. In the next issue, can 5 against 1 is too much or just a piece of cake for Madara? can't wait to see how the The Great Nation Kage's fight against the warlord Madara, it will be gang feast.

Madara is now must be  learning to pray to save his life.. 
another  painful death might come for him after this mythical 5 kages will have gunk feast on him.

Mizukage and the Hokage has both separate  dilemma..
Mizukage has always concern about his engagement 
and Hokage has a big frustration about his gambling 

a quote from the legendary old man...
"When I look at them, I realize how we aren't simply leaving a record...We're building on our past mistakes... very slowly, but steadily getting better...moving towards PEACE" - ONOKI

The Ultimate Team

your Kage Dream Team are here... 
Here comes the All Star....

...... something from the bin

5 against 1, its not fair... 
why I don't have chicks on my side , I should get 2 cheerers as well?

Don't make me mad or else  I'll turn you into slugs for my soap dinner

The Three Face of Madara... 

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