Friday, February 24, 2012

Jeremy Lin and Akira Sendoh

Linsanity made a big impact in Media and all over the world. Most kids now they want to be like him, going to hardvard before going to NBA. Anyway Jeremy Lin reminds me of one character in Slamdunk, Akira Sendoh who's Rukuwa most rival player. 

Sendoh is the antonyms guy of Rukuwa that's how their rivalry fires up. Rukuwa is mostly a ball hogger and doesn't like to pass while Sendoh is team guy who always know how to involve his team mate. Like Jeremy who plays like a team man in Knicks, he knows how get involve his team mate in the game and he has the heart to play the game of the big man.

they're stats and demographic are not that far similar

both are right handed with the same layup styles

they both plays as a point guard with similar balling style

both can penetrate and slash the basket

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