Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hitman Reborn Manga 375 : Appearance

Those Get On My Nerves, Will Be Erased!

  The cover of the latest chapter is the wounded body of Xansus after awakening his true form.
Maybe his gun has an eraser, that's the most powerful tool in manga.. the Eraser. Imagine he will erased anyone in the page... cool!

In Anime, when two 'Too Awesome' Guys face off.. it will be obviously a draw

Hibari's perfect opponent, a guy no other things in mind but to bite to death anyone

Reborn's Retarded Team

Tsuna still has no damn idea about who's the guy helped him to fight Iemitsu.
The funny part Gokundera said the guy must be a 'mentally ill' types... then Reborn quickly stopped him.

Tsuna's still damn as he can be..

Simon Family's Anhillation

Basil is having fun watching the pervert scene in the Simon Family. He never seen this kind of scene in his Team because the only girl they have is a baby.

So this is the people in Simon's doing if they're bored... Adel's won't be safe once skull turn to adult

Skull pee on his diaper after seeing the Vindice

Vindice Family.. the scary team who joined the Rainbow Battle...
One of them must be Uchiha Madara... I'm pretty sure..

Next Issue....

   For sure, everyone was surprised after acknowledging the intervention of The Vendice in the Rainbow Battle. I guess no one yet has the fully information about this team, as Skull have said, he has no clue about them. I wish to have more exposure from Skull.. he looks Bad Ass  but yet the most Evilish Baby among the 7 Arcobalenos but he's actually cool and funny like Lambo.

   I missed Lambo stupidity.. things getting boring without that idiot cow. Skulls and Lambo will be a great team.. they can build they're own team and that would be cool and stupid!

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