Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Naruto Manga 577 : The Pride of the Medical Ninja - Tsunade vs Madara

The Harashima Ancestry  Ultimate Healer

Tsunade released Byakugou... the mitotic regeneration jutsu..
Maybe she mispronounced Byakugan.. in Byakugan the Eyes grows bigger.. how about in Byakugou. Anyway its cool that she got those tattoo again.
This is the first time she used this and its different from she used against 6paths of Pain.

Byakugan!!!... oh I mean Byakogu!!!

Don't messed out with the Girl with the tattoo all her body..
you can't hide even over a concrete wall..

Tsunade can break your heart... letterally 

Reminds me the death of Raditz in Dragon Ball Z 

Harashima vs Madara soon... 
ohh yeah they'll gonna use Edo-tensie to the 1st Hokage

Tsunade got busted... someone got to call a Medic.. 
...ohh she's the Medic.. 

I feel there's a gay stalker right before me.. 
I can feel incest aura from him

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