Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Naruto Manga 579 : The Susanoo Brothers Vs The Snake Geek

Finally the 2 brothers turned into allies though Sasuke looks weird that he lost he's awesomeness bad boy attitude. Thanks to Itachi who was also a bad boy before now became a Mr. Nice Guy and helping he's good for nothing brother. They'll be both be  preparing for a fried snake for their meal soon.

Where did he get those snakes? is he working in a Zoo?

hey bro, do you snake juice for dessert? 

Susanoo1 : Hey Bro! long time no see?
Susanoo2 : yeah, its been so long since these two retards summoned us, what they're up to now?
Susanoo1: Dunno? how's everything at home?


It has been revealed that the Uzumaki Clan where Naruto's mother Kushina came from, has a great Life Force power. Just like Karin medical healing power, so most probably Naruto has this power as well and it hasn't been told yet.

they're all Red Hair so that's why Naruto's stupid because he's a blonde and not red

Kabuto in Sage Snake

  Its not only Naruto and Jiriaya can transform into Sage but Kabuto has his own version.
He went to a legendary place like Myoubokuzan and trained himself under Ruchidou but what kind of training he had went through? maybe he learned the snake dancing or chasing kids for pedophilia. 

Ruchidou: the Sage white Snake who trained kabuto and surpassed Orichimaru as a Sage

Kabuto transformed into Hentai lurking monster

Wow! a snake turned into a dragon, probably its a Dragon Snake... 

A fictional Dragon Snake I got somewhere in the web...


What is HakuGeki?

 Base from Japanese-English translation it means Mortar... so it could be hardened skin like a mortar shell. Since he's a Dragon Snake.. most probably he'll be having a high defense that even maybe Susanoo's attack wont penetrate with it.

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