Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bad Ass Uchiha Madara

Now its time to go through the real big villain in Naruto, Uchiha Madara. Until he haven't shown his true power but to teleport and stay out of battle. But after Kabuto did the Impure Resurrection to the real Uchiha Madara, he able to shown his real insane power by summoning a gigantic meteor.

The frist mask of Uchiha that tried to steal Naruto Jinchuriki  the Nine Tails

After so many years Uchiha Madara changed his image as a happy go lucky , jolly child.. Tobi.
As tobi he is insane idiot, this is to hide his true identity so no fans will predict who's the real bad guy is.

Tobi without the Akasuki cape. He looks like in complete battle armor

After couple of chapters, finally Tobi revealed his right eye has sharingan
that makes him believe to be an Uchiha or Obito who's Kakashi dead friend.

Uchiha Madara Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan...
this his killer version and believe to be the insane powerful one

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