Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Sharingan's in Naruto

Ok its time to take a little fact about fancy power in Naruto. 
Before, having an eye power is not really awesome. I remember those old anime's that has eye power like Tenshinhan from DBZ and the Evil Eye from get backers. Those power didn't buy too much, now in Naruto they introduced the Sharingan which they called the Bloodline skill same like with Byakugan and the Rennigan. 

This made me anxious to do a little research about all the characters that has Sharingans.
Everytime I see their own Sharingan symbol , I feel I want to say.. "WHO'S THAT SHARINGAN?"

The bad ass dude that has cool Sharingans... or should I say----
"Meet the Sharingans"

Danzo, the stupid dude that has insane obsession with Sharingan's Eye..
He implanted some of them in his Arm. Made me wonder what if one of those got
sore eyes .. does the other will get infected too?

see these big eyes in my arm.. I can use them to peek  ladies panties.. 
yes I'm evil indeed...

Itachi, the youngest promising Uchiha .. at first he's really scary as  bad ass

Itachi achieved the Mangekyo.. its look a 3 stars shurikin..
his crow has this eyes also 

Kakashi's Sharignan was a gift from his best friend Obito before he died.
Its cool, you can do this in anime where you can give a gift an eye for your friend.

Kakashi Mangekyo an enhance evolution where he can do a short teleportation.
Awesome, now he don't need to jump through trees to travel.

Obito before he died was able to transfer his eye to Kakashi.
Thanks to him Kakashi became COOLEST DUDE in Konoha!

Sasuke Sharingan is the most overused Sharingan among others...
at he just used it to slowdown everything and get advantage with his speed
but after that, its completely useless as it seems.

Sasuke achieved his Mangekyo that looks like an Atom with six orbits.
It reminds me of Science Book cover.

Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan of Sasuke, it looks similar from its predecessor version.
This makes him too scary than it looks, its like he can totally kill a kitten with no mercy.

The Bad Ass Uchiha Madara's Eternal Mangekyo. I find it the most awesome design.
In just recent chapter he showed how powerful his Sharingan by calling a big meteor like armageddon.

Tobi or Uchiha Madara's Sharingan with Rinnegan.. this guy never contented with his sharingan maybe he can also insert another byakugan eye in his forehead

Izuna Uchiha.. the brother of Madara who sacrifice his eyes for the sake of his Brother...
This made me wonder if he's really dead since there are 2 Madaras claiming who's real.

Shisui's Sharingan does looks like Itachi Mangekyo. Wish there's an arc about his story, I want to know the name of his crow.

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