Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Naruto 560 : The True Power of Uchiha Madara

After confirming that the resurrected Madara was the real one... all I can say is WTF!! he has mangekyu and Remnigan, how can you defeat this guy? now at the last part of the chapter, a big meteor thing will smashed all the ninja troops including Naruto. It will be like a Armageddon scene and that's a great fatality finisher from Madara. 

Who on earth will save them? wait.. Hachibi is not in the scene he could save them... but it will be great if Jiraiya will show up for the big surprise .. (cross fingers!!)

The Real Bad Ass Uchiha Madara

Naruto in Nine-tails mode .. at the peak of time saving Hinata

Nine-Tails Naruto form in Emo mode..

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