Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bleach Manga 469 : Byakuya Senkai Weakness Vs Kushuko

 Kushuko as we know he's power to touch your past and changed it. This makes him an impossible to defeat opponent. How can you defeat a guy who can walkthrough your past and changed? its a God like power and he can be more powerful than Aizen... but its up to Kubo' the creator.

 In the chapter he able to counter Byakuya's Senkai which we never seen it before but it looks like Byakuya has another Skill he hasn't shown yet -- Hakutei-ken. Maybe Kubo still thinking what could it be?... Whatever it is, it would be another great improvement in Bleach manga. Finally a new move that we can see for a long time.

The Scientific explanation why some idiots 
didn't think to attack Byakuya in close while in his Senkai

  In the other side, Rukia has a dilemma with defeating Riruka. As one of Rukia weakness is, she can't cut any cute things. We don't know how she measures the cuteness, because Kun is not cute for her or maybe that bear is really ugly one. By the way I feel Rukia can't cut me now I know her weakness..

Riruka is stupid too to give her a 'Cabinet' how the hell the cabinet can be cute?
Now for the final scene.. Rukia is on dilemma to kill a 'cute' doll.. if that's cute for her.. maybe she needs medication.

She can't cut cute things at her level

Cabine is not cute.. take note of that...

Can Rukia cut this cute doll? WTF! is not cute anyway..

Ichigo ... Washing out the fog to find his 1cent coin

The List of Captains that has finally got an exposure for long time
... its time for them to kick some ass and show repeatable power 
over and over

I have touched your ass..
 I'd went to your past and found nothing but shits

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  1. Sounds like you took this arc way too seriously. It's not meant to be as great as the Degicide arc, this is about the fullbringers and Ichigo getting back up from his fight with Aizen. Think of the arc as a warm up to the 1000 year blood war. (although you didn't know about that arc when you made this article).


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