Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Naruto Manga 581: Izanami Jutsu (changes the destiny)

Nothing was special in this chapter.. a lot of nonsense talk.. Kabuto was trying to persuade Sasuke to come with him and be his snake flute player. He's bore as a snake and need someone to make him dance the flute snake song. At the top of that, he inherit Orochimaru gay blood and want's Sasuke body. But what's really caught my attention about this chapter was the Shonen Weekly Cover.. a sad face from Ichigo face that's look like he's the big sore loser of all manga's in the weekly's manga.

Look at Ichigo face... its look like he's saying... 
"WHY??? why it's always Naruto on Cover? I'm still here and no one cares.. huhuhu "

Sasuke was shock after hearing Madara is Justin Bieber in real life

Kabuto as a kid has terrible and horrifying  past , maybe Orochimaru raped him during his child days. No doubt how he became so obsess with his master, he always longing for the lustful thing their doing.

Kabuto is the result of Orochimaru's Phidophilia

Kabuto is trying to persuade Sasuke to join him. He's so damn genius he blackened his eyes so he won't get affected by their sharinggan... he could just remove his eye glasses that will make him blind.

The Ultimate Jutsu - Izanami

 I thought Izanagi from Danzo was the ultimate one, now there's another ultimate. Too much ultimate jutsu nowadays.

the ultimate eye jutsu... Kabuto became excited after hearing it.. 
it could be somethings special like icy on top

Izanami is another jutsu that said to be it can change a destiny. WTF! that's what we can say... BadAss than a perfect illusion that's makes reality. This could be something it will control your destiny but if that's the case why Itachi just use it from the very start so this whole damn story won't even happened.

Kabuto : Izanami - say what? I think you said Izanagi?..
Itachi : No I didn't say that... 
Kabuto : yes you did... 
Itachi : No.... 
( and the argument never ends)

Izanami and Izanagi 

The origin of these two jutsus are from Japanese Mythology, I'm not a Japanese nor a historian so I won't be knowing these things. But checking out in Wiki, It says they're couples that has story about their life. Just check it in wiki  about their story.


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