Friday, April 27, 2012

Slam Dunk Anime in Live Action

One word on this live action or whatever.... GAY!
The cast are obvious gays and no wonder Takenori Akagi is not in the picture (maybe he's there too but too gay to get notice).Nice try and good job with the imitation but I can't take out on my mind that they all gay bastards, except for coach anzai (if that's really he's trying to portray).

none of his look that he can dribble or throw a ball..a make up maybe

WTF! these two guys are totally gays.. 
grabbing someone else Balls would be their expertise

even in WNBA he won't  be allowed.. why?
he's too GAY!

don't tell me the guy that will act as Hanamichi will be this 
fag guy in the hoax of Real Sakuragi?

F*k yeah!!! only stupid Slamdunk gay fans will gonna wait and watch this


  1. You do realize that it's just a 3D rendering, right?

  2. stupid... its not 3d rendered... its computer enhanced..

    don't you know how to differentiate a 3d to live?

  3. It's not 3d ... you playing too much 3d games you forgetting to distinguish the real people


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