Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Adventure of The 3 Idiot Heroes : The Mysterious Tracks

The Mysterious Tracks

starring : Uzumaki Naruto, Natsu Dragneel , Kurasaki Ichigo

The 3 Idiot SuperHeroes once again joined forces to find a missing nin, beast mage and an Arrancar. Upon on their hunting they come across to a Railway Train. They found a mysterious tracks in the railway then so the 3 started to find some interesting mystery about it: 

Ichigo : This must be the footprint of that Arrancar that I'm trying to hunt down

Natsu : your stupid... it's a track from the Best Mage I'm hunting

Naruto : come on guys ... shut up... you both stupid... those are from the Missing Nin from my Village..

--- of course because of their superb intelligence, they fight each other who have smartest fact...

They keep on arguing about the tracks until a train hit them... ouuchh!!

THE END ... 

for the benefits of the reader.. its only Ichigo got killed.. goodness

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