Friday, May 11, 2012

Ichigo's Blonde Jokes

It's time for our favorite Kurasaki Ichigo Blonde Jokes, lets see answer some question for our Blonde super hero ...

Make Up Class

Question : Why Ichigo putting lipstick in his forehead?

Answer : Because he was trying to Make-up his mind


Question : Why Ichigo stood at the front of mirror with his eyes closed?

Answer : Because he wanted to see what he looked like when asleep

Photo Shoot

Question : Why Ichigo always smile during lightning Storms?

Answer : Because he thinks some one taking a picture on him

Number 11

Question : Why Ichigo can't write the number 11?

Answer : Because he doesn't know which 1 will come first

Hardest Puzzle

Question : Why Ichigo was so proud about the puzzle he solved after 5months of solving?

Answer : Because the Puzzles says "for 2-4 years old"


Question : Why can you confuse Ichigo?

Answer : You can't,  he's born that way

Ice Cubes

Question : Why Ichigo's always keeping Ice Cubes in his Refrigerator?

Answer : Because he want to keep his Refrigerator cold...


  1. These were good, except Ichigo is ginger NOT blonde.


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