Saturday, May 12, 2012

Real Life Gundam will fight the North Korea Missiles

North Korea are giving threats on their neighboring countries and no one dare to stop them from doing their nuclear testing. Japan will not tolerate this kind of cruel actions, they will make something to protect their mother land. 

NK are on war freak testing of their missiles as well the launch of their failed Satellite,..
this is must be the start of the new revolution of war...

As technology gone beyond, this is the right time to unleashed their mechanical super hero. It's time to 
blanket off their Giant Super Robot... GUNDAM!!! (its not pronounced as god-damn-it)

( photos are courtesy from their owners)

 must stop NK... defensive shield set...

I'll protect your freedom and your Mangas Collection from evil envaders

geezzz... why I'm not moving and standing here all night

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